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17th February 2016
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What you need to figure out when you moving with your family.

  • Kindergarten, school – you have to find good kindergarten/school in your neigherhood. If safe and development your kids is very important for you, find private kindergarten/school and check if they still adopting.
  • Family doctor – when you are moving you have to accept fact that you have to change your doctor. It can be not convienient when you are in a middle of treating. You have to give new doctor your disease history then. You have to change dentist and optometrist also.
  • Job – you have to find new job if it is not your moving reason. If your moving is coused by your needs, you probably will be looking for job for your partner.
  • Financial instytution ans credit card companies – you have to notify them that you changed address.
  • Phone, internet and cable providers – you have to change address to receive your bills.
  • Health and life insurance company – you have to notify them about your new address.

If you are just about moving by yourself you can use 5 Quick Tips How prepare to moving by yourself.

25th July 2015
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Moving quickly under pressure

Moving under pressure is not easy, especially when one has collected as many valuables as I did. You not only have to remember to take all your stuff, but also feel uneasy about the new place, new people and new set of responsibilities. Some jobs require that and I actually like the unknown. The key to moving under pressure is to actually stay calm and organize.
In every long distance move organization is a key whether we hire movers or we plan to do it on our own. If we hire a company they will help us load and unload and some companies also help to pack and unpack our belongings. This is helpful when time is precious and we have to move fast. It may be hard to find a company last minute, but it’s worth our time to try to find one. I always hire local companies because they can give me advice and know the area where I’m moving to.